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Return to Thebes

 3.5 ( Out of 5 )


 4 – 8 players

Group Size

 60 Mins 



Embark on an exciting adventure back to the mysterious mausoleum in Thebes. Look for clues left by John to uncover the truth about the pharaoh’s curse.

Explore the ancient chambers, where secrets are hidden, and solve riddles to reveal the tomb’s long-guarded mysteries. Get ready for a journey into the past, where echoes and ancient clues await!


After the ancient Egyptian capital was established in Thebes, most of the pharaohs were buried here. Since the world-famous discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1923, many have coveted the priceless treasures hidden within these tombs. However, despite numerous attempts, no one has been able to breach the heavily guarded resting places. With the passing of the tomb excavator, Carter, the secrets remained hidden once more. The newly appointed curator, John, embarked on a seven-year quest and finally decided to extend an invitation to an expedition team. Yet, challenges lie ahead on the journey…


Unlocking the Secrets of Thebes: A Journey of Discovery and Challenge

The Fastest Team 2023

Date: 28/12/2023
Time: 43m38s
Team: Tien, Normie, Qn, Sean and Patrick
No Hint

The Fastest Team 2024

Date: 07/01/2024
Time: 28:58
Team: Steph, Michael, Dylan and Ash
No Hint

Will you get out in time?