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Dragon’s Dungeon

 3.5 (Out of 5)


 2 – 8 players

Group Size

 60 Mins 



Face the fearsome dragon, its scales shimmering with an ominous glow, and navigate the perilous depths of the dungeon. Quickly defeat the monster before you become its dinner and make a brave escape! The maze-like passages echo with the dragon’s roars, adding an extra thrill to your quest for freedom.


After gathering at the tavern, your group of experienced warriors decides to adventure on a quest to get the dragon’s treasure.

But when entering the first chamber of the dungeon, a magic trap of your arch enemy, The Necromancer, is activated. The spell steals all your special weapons and magical artefacts and hides and locks them on different parts of the dungeon. But what is worse is that it also seals the exit, making it impossible to retreat…

Your only chance to escape alive is to adventure into the depths of the dungeon and get back your magical items, as they are your only hope to overcome all the obstacles and traps and, finally, beat the dragon. But be fast because in less than one hour the dragon is going to wake up… and it hasn’t eaten in a while.

A Race Against Magic, Time, and Fire

The Fastest Team 2023

Date: 31/12/2023
Time: 55:03
Team: Vyannah, Kai Jie, Arni and Kabir
No hint

The Fastest Team 2024

Date: 29/03/2024
Time: 37:24
Team: Wyrmwatch team
Taliesin, Andrew, Tom and Bec
No Hint

Will you escape before time runs out?