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Extraordinary Escape Room Experiences in Melbourne

A test of wits, a race against time, and puzzles to solve together.

If you’re in the mood for adventure, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of beating an escape room with your gang.

Put your logic, skills and teamwork to the test with our three exciting escape room experiences in Melbourne. Be the hero, save the day, and escape to glory!

60 minutes. Up to 8 players. Unlimited amounts of fun.

Choose Your Adventure

Green Hospital

Where Treatment Meets the Unexplained

After a young girl dies from a strange condition at Green Hospital, strange events start to occur and the hospital is rapidly abandoned.

Will you be the one to brave the unknown and unravel the tragic mystery? Or will you become just another victim of the hospital’s treatment?

Dragon’s Dungeon

A Race Against Magic, Time, and Fire

Riches abound in the dragon’s cavern, and your band of merry warriors is determined to claim it. But the moment you stepped inside, you were trapped by a magical spell – and the dragon is stirring.

Race against time to reclaim your lost powers, find the treasure and escape before you become a dragon’s dinner!

Return to Thebes

Unlocking the Secrets of Thebes: A Journey of Discovery and Challenge

Legend tells of priceless treasures hidden away in Tutankhamun’s dark tombs. But none have bested the deadly traps and curses that guard them.

Are you and your intrepid team of explorers ready to risk ancient wrath, crack cryptic riddles and claim the coveted artifacts of Thebes? Only one way to find out.

Will you get out in time?

For all groups

Casual Fun

A great way to spend a thrilling time with your loved ones, whether it’s one person or a group.


Ideal as a small-group birthday celebration surprise for those who love solving puzzles together.

Corporate Teambuilding

A fantastic activity for fostering team building and building camaraderie among colleagues.


Do I need to have played escape rooms before?

Not at all! Our escape room experiences in Melbourne are suitable for everyone. Our friendly staff will explain everything you need to know before the experience starts. Also, part of the fun is going in without any preconceptions and solving the puzzles together!

How long does the escape room experience run for?

You will have 60 minutes to work together, solve the puzzles and escape the room. All our escape rooms in Melbourne have the same time limit.

Are your escape rooms suitable for children?

Yes, although we do recommend that players of the Green Hospital escape room should be aged 12 and older because there are jump scares involved. Otherwise, everyone is welcome!

Are your escape rooms safe?

Yes, absolutely. There should be minimal physical activity involved and our staff will always keep an eye on anything happening while you’re in the room. If you have concerns, please feel free to reach out to us so we can answer your questions.

How do I book one of your escape room experiences?

It’s easy! Just click here to book one of our escape rooms in Melbourne now. If you need to make any changes to your booking, you can reach out to Happy@EscapeArtistz.com.au.

unforgettable and enjoyable escape room experiences

Our family of four had a fantastic time doing the Dragon’s Dungeon room – a well put together collection of puzzles with a very fun D&D theme. Recommend strongly, especially to any fantasy rpg fans out there!

– Miles B

Hot damn!!! I’ve done about 38 rooms so far and I haven’t had this much fun in a while. Staff were friendly, we did the dungeon room and I was really satisfied with the tech and puzzles.

– Daniel G

Great customer service, puzzles consist of a lot of props and they are logical and tied with the lore. Recommended

– Ivan S

We did the Green Hospital escape room and really enjoyed it. It was possible to do with two players and the puzzles were clever but also solvable. We will be coming back to try the other rooms

– Kim H

We did the Dragon’s Dungeon room as a group of 5 adults which was a good size So much fun! This company is good at creating rooms for big groups.

The room had creative puzzles to suit everyone. Not scary and a good room for Harry Potter/adventure lovers or as a team building exercise.

Great to try this new room from the creators of One Room. Thank you for creating a wonderful experience for us.

– M M