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Extraordinary Escape Room Experiences in Melbourne

Choose Your Adventure

Unravel the mysteries of this unsettling hospital, brave the unknown, you and uncover the truth of what’s transpired.

For those that love dungeons and dragons. Adventure on a quest to claim the dragon’s treasure and reclaim your lost powers.

Can you and your team discover the secrets and coveted priceless treasures hidden within the lost and ancient tombs?

Will you get out in time?

For all groups

Fun with Friends or Family

Enjoy an exciting adventure with friends or family as you work together to unravel puzzles and solve mysteries.


Ideal for a small-group birthday celebration surprise.

Corporate Groups

A fantastic activity for fostering team building and building camaraderie among colleagues within organizations.

unforgettable and enjoyable escape room experiences

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Green Hospital

Where Treatment Meets the Unexplained

A girl is admitted to Green Hospital with a strange condition that rapidly worsens during treatment. Upon her death, an unsettling atmosphere pervades the hospital and several suspicious events occur. Can you solve the hospital’s mysteries or become its next victim?  

Dragon’s Dungeon

A Race Against Magic, Time, and Fire
Your group of experienced warriors gather at a tavern and decide to adventure on a quest to obtain the dragon’s treasure. But upon entering its chambers, a magical spell ensnares you and seals your escape. Can you overcome the dragon and escape alive?  

Return to Thebes

Unlocking the Secrets of Thebes: A Journey of Discovery and Challenge
With your trusty expedition team, you embark on a quest to Tutankhamun’s tomb to unravel the tomb’s secrets and uncover its long lost treasures. But watch out! Peril awaits your every step.

Fun experience that requires the cooperation and coordination of everyone involved. The rooms are well themed, the puzzles just the right difficulty and just a lot of fun overall. Staff are also friendly and ready to give tips when we were stuck. Would definitely love to try again!”

– IVan

“Amazing place with most friendly staff. Our annual team building event was great fun and everyone had great fun. The rooms were fun to play and had the right amount of difficulty to suit everyone. We would go there again for sure. Highly recommended for team buildings or just some fun time with friends and family.”

– Asad