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Green Hospital

 3  (Out of 5)


 2 – 8 Players

Group Size

 60 Mins 



Explore the haunting mysteries of Green Hospital, unravel the secrets shrouded in the past and discover what truly transpired within its walls?

**This is a horror game with jump scares, so not for the faint of heart. Green Hospital is perfect for small groups.**

**We recommend the age of players should be 12 years old and above, parents please consider if that is suitable for your kids**



Green Hospital admitted a young girl whose condition worsened during treatment, despite the staff’s efforts to save her. As her life slipped away, a sense of loss pervaded.
In the following days, the hospital was plagued by a series of eerie incidents. Doctors fell ill, patients grew restless, and rumors of a girl’s voice echoing through the halls became commonplace. An unsettling atmosphere enveloped the entire hospital, leading to its temporary closure.
The enigmatic occurrences left people suspicious, convinced that the hospital held secrets. Braving the unknown, you and your team ventured inside to uncover the truth.
What truly transpired here?

Discover the truth from the abandoned hospital, or become a patient yourself.

The Fastest Team 2023

Date: 10/12/2023
Time: 27:14
Team: Karley, Nathan

No hint

The Fastest Team 2024

Date: 27/04/2024
Time: 32:10
Team: Jess, Ryan, Ellie and Nat
No Hint

John’s pick
Date: 29/03/2024
Time: 37:10
Team: The John’s Angels

No hint

Will you get out in time?