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Three Exciting Adventures. One Chance To Escape.



Strange sights and sounds abound at the eerie Green Hospital, abandoned for years after a young girl’s treatment went horribly awry – until you came along.

What secrets and horrors lie in wait for you at this ill-fated institution?

Green Hospital

Challenge Level: Moderate (3/5)

Who Can Play: Recommended for ages 12 and up

Jump Scares: Yes

Team Size: Optimal for 2 to 6 players, with a maximum of 8

Adventure Time: 1 Hour




A sleeping dragon guards a treasure trove of riches deep within a treacherous dungeon.

You, the intrepid adventurer, must recover your lost tools, dodge the dragon and escape with the prize – or become a permanent addition to the dragon’s hoard.


Dragon’s Dungeon

Challenge Level: Medium-High (3.5/5)

Who Can Play: Players of all ages welcome.

Jump Scares: No

Team Size: 2 to 8 Players

Adventure Time: 1 Hour




Deep beneath sandy Thebes lies the tomb of an ancient pharaoh. Who knows what riches might adorn the royal resting place?

Channel your inner Indiana Jones to avoid the traps and solve the riddles for riches and glory. But beware the deadly curse…


Return To Thebes

Challenge Level: Medium-High (3.5/5)

Who Can Play: Welcoming players of all ages.

Jump Scares: No

Team Size: 4 to 8 Players

Adventure Time: 1 Hour



We cater to groups of all sizes with competitive rates, ensuring everyone gets the chance to enjoy the excitement of escaping.

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How To Get Started

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Couples and groups welcome.
Up to 8 players allowed per room!

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In the mood for horror, fantasy or history? We have it all.

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Come And Play!

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Join The Fun

The staff were really friendly and the whole space was so different from any other escape room place we’d ever been to. The use of props and tech in the ‘Return to Thebes’ room was very impressive and it was an extremely fun and thrilling adventure.

Ann H

Our family of four had a fantastic time doing the Dragon’s Dungeon room – a well put together collection of puzzles with a very fun D&D theme. Recommend strongly, especially to any fantasy RPG fans out there!

Miles B

We did the Green Hospital escape room and really enjoyed it. It was possible to do with two players and the puzzles were clever but also solvable. We will be coming back to try the other rooms.

Kim H

Can You Beat The Legends?

Green Hospital

The Fastest Team 2024

Date: 27/04/2024
Time: 32:10
Team: Jess, Ryan, Ellie and Nat
No Hint

Dragon’s Dungeon

The Fastest Team 2024

Date: 29/03/2024
Time: 37:24
Team: Wyrmwatch team
Taliesin, Andrew, Tom and Bec
No Hint

Return To Thebes

The Fastest Team 2024

Date: 07/01/2024
Time: 28:58
Team: Steph, Michael, Dylan and Ash
No Hint


Do I need to have played escape rooms before?

Not at all! Our escape room experiences in Melbourne are suitable for everyone. Our friendly staff will explain everything you need to know before the experience starts. Also, part of the fun is going in without any preconceptions and solving the puzzles together!

How long does the escape room experience run for?

You will have 60 minutes to work together, solve the puzzles and escape the room. All our escape rooms in Melbourne have the same time limit.

Are your escape rooms suitable for children?

Yes, although we do recommend that players of the Green Hospital escape room should be aged 12 and older because there are jump scares involved. Otherwise, everyone is welcome!

Are your escape rooms safe?

Yes, absolutely. There should be minimal physical activity involved and our staff will always keep an eye on anything happening while you’re in the room. If you have concerns, please feel free to reach out to us so we can answer your questions.

How do I book one of your escape room experiences?

It’s easy! Just click here to book one of our escape rooms in Melbourne now. If you need to make any changes to your booking, you can reach out to Happy@EscapeArtistz.com.au.

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