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Exciting Escape Rooms

Near Camberwell

Your Ultimate Adventure Awaits!


Embark on an exhilarating journey with our trio of immersive escape rooms, each offering a distinct narrative filled with intricate puzzles and hidden secrets.
Located in Hawthorn, less than 10 minutes drive from Camberwell, we have 3 different rooms to cater to the seasoned escape artist or someone new to the experience!



Strange sights and sounds abound at the eerie Green Hospital, abandoned for years after a young girl’s treatment went horribly awry – until you came along.

What secrets and horrors lie in wait for you at this ill-fated institution?

Green Hospital

Brave the spine-chilling horrors and unveil the fate of the little girl in the cursed Green Hospital. Jump scares involved!



A sleeping dragon guards a treasure trove of riches deep within a treacherous dungeon.

You, the intrepid adventurer, must recover your lost tools, dodge the dragon and escape with the prize – or become a permanent addition to the dragon’s hoard.


Dragon’s Dungeon

Adventurers, use your wits to reclaim your artefacts and escape with treasure! Don’t dally lest you become a dragon’s dinner!



Deep beneath sandy Thebes lies the tomb of an ancient pharaoh. Who knows what riches might adorn the royal resting place?

Channel your inner Indiana Jones to avoid the traps and solve the riddles for riches and glory. But beware the deadly curse…


Return To Thebes

Traps and curses await deep within a pharaoh’s tomb in ancient Thebes. Can you solve its mysteries, or will you join his eternal rest? 


We offer competitive rates for groups of all sizes, ensuring everyone has the chance to enjoy the excitement of escaping.

2 Players


Per Person

3 Players


Per Person

4 Players


Per Person

5 Players


Per Person

6-8 Players


Per Person


Who can play in an escape room?

Everyone is welcome! We recommend that participants of the Green Hospital room be aged 12 and up due to the jump scares, but otherwise our games are suitable for anyone.

How many people can play per room?

Rooms are designed for 2 to 8 players. For larger groups, contact us for special arrangements.

Do I need any special skills for escape rooms?

No, just a willingness to have fun and work as a team! Our rooms vary in difficulty, but none require outside knowledge.

Are the rooms scary?

Themes vary. One of our rooms does have jump scares, but overall we focus on the adventure, not the frights. Do read the descriptions of our rooms or contact us for more details.

What should I bring?

Just yourselves and a sense of adventure! All necessary game materials are provided.

How long is the experience?

Plan for a total of 90 minutes, including briefing and debriefing, with 60 minutes of gameplay.

Is there an age limit?

An adult should accompany players under 16. Some themes may not be suitable for younger players; please see room descriptions for more info.

Events & Group Bookings

Birthday Celebrations

Celebrate with a difference! Puzzle your way to an unforgettable birthday.

Team Building

Foster teamwork and communication in a thrilling escape room challenge.

Family Friendly

Fun for all ages! Our rooms are designed to entertain both kids and adults.

Escape Artistz is the perfect venue for your next event.
Whether it’s a birthday celebration, team-building activity, or a fun day out, we cater to all groups.

Don’t just take our word for it – hear from our satisfied adventurers!

Amazing and friendly staff members. Everyone was welcoming. We had a great time doing the fun and challenging puzzles in the super exciting games. If you haven’t tried an escape puzzle, then I recommend this one. Definitely coming back next time!

Nicole Huang

Our family of four had a fantastic time doing the Dragon’s Dungeon room – a well put together collection of puzzles with a very fun D&D theme. Recommend strongly, especially to any fantasy RPG fans out there!

Miles Beeny

I had an ultra fun, exciting and comprehensive escape room experience here! The D&D room offers a lot of surprises and I fully enjoyed every second in it. Highly recommend.

Mirror Harp

Ready, Set, Escape

Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle solver or a curious beginner, book your adventure today and see if you have what it takes to escape in time!

unforgettable and enjoyable escape room experiences